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Digital Mammography Services

Mammography (low-dose breast X-rays) is the most accurate technique available for the early detection of a variety of breast diseases, especially with the improved diagnostic accuracy of digital mammography. Mammography detects the presence of cancer in the very early and curable stages, even when a lump is too small to be felt.

Other benefits of digital mammography include:

  • Shorter exam time
  • Lower radiation dose
  • Less repositioning
  • Easier image storage
  • Better visualization of dense breast tissue

Every woman should have a baseline mammogram by the age of 40 and continue having a mammogram at one- to two-year intervals. Ask your physician about mammography today.

Important Information Regarding Your Procedure

If your insurance company requires a referral or authorization number for diagnostic testing, you MUST have the referral or authorization number with you at the time of your exam. If you arrive for your exam without this information, we will attempt to get the referral/authorization number from your physician's office or insurance company, but please realize that your exam may have to be rescheduled. Thank you for your cooperation.

How I Do Prepare?

Please arrive 20 to 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow time to fill out the necessary forms. It is important that you bring any previous films relating to your exam so that our doctors can properly evaluate your results. For your convenience, we have Spanish speaking employees.

Do NOT use deodorant, powders or perfume on day of exam. Please bring prior films if done at an outside facility for comparison evaluation.


If you have questions about these preparations, please contact the Victoria Imaging Center at 386-740-4020.